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Images of FDR Four Freedoms Park



  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Planning & Community Management
  • Event Strategy

FDR Four Freedoms State Park, the most significant presidential memorial outside of Washington D.C., celebrates the universal human rights articulated in the former President’s Four Freedoms Speech: Freedom of Speech and Expression, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear.

To coincide with WorldPride 2019, Four Freedoms Park Conservancy turned the park’s monumental staircase into NYC’s largest Pride Flag – a 12x100’ invitation for all to #AscendWithPride.

As part of the celebration, and to drive awareness for the park, we produced a family-friendly event that included:

Through a series of media interviews to promote the activation, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s great-granddaughter, Julia Delano Ireland, spoke about the park, how it inspires each generation to define and defend Roosevelt’s commitment to essential human freedoms, and its dedication to furthering his legacy.


  • 20K+ total visitors during the two-week activation
  • 15% visitor increase over the entirety of the previous June
  • 1.6+ Billion earned media impressions, with coverage in every major NYC-based media outlet
  • Highest traffic & views across all official digital platforms



  • Social Media Platform Branding
  • Social Media Style Guide
  • Digital Footprint Alignment
  • Content Best Practices

Guidance From Gratitude was started by Spiritual Life Coach Robbi Kearns to build an online community for people looking to explore spirituality and begin or continue their journey of personal growth.

Robbi came to Otto & Friends with a desire to elevate the look and feel of Guidance from Gratitude. We listened to and collaborated with Robbi to overhaul his social media aesthetic. We developed a style guide that included specific fonts, colors, logos, and imagery strongly connected to Robbi, his brand identity, and his spiritual work.

We created a new logo and a series of digital assets and creative templates that gave Guidance From Gratitude a consistent and more professional appearance.


  • A brand book of choices that convey a certain spiritual connection, depending on the intended use of each logo
  • A clean, visually appealing and elevated online identity
  • Increased social media presence and community engagement
Photos of Guidance From Gratitude
Photos of VERS NYC



  • Reactive Crisis Communications

In November 2022, VERS, a newly opened gay bar in NYC, was the victim of a string of vandalisms. These attacks came at a time when hate crimes against the LGBTQ community were rising at an alarming rate, so our goal was to get photos and video of the suspect out - quickly and to as many people as possible - to help prevent this from happening again. We targeted NYC-based mainstream media, inviting them to the space to speak with the bar’s owner and capture footage of the damaged window, so they could share the details of the attacks with their audiences.


  • 1 Billion earned media impressions and dozens of unique articles
  • A PR blitz that led to the NYPD putting more resources into the case
  • The arrest and charge of a man in connection with the string of attacks - for criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment



  • Public Relations Launch Strategy

The team at Motto - a new gay and queer hookup app from Grindr founder Joel Simkhai and Alex Hostetler - asked us to develop a PR strategy to announce their product to the world. The goal was to drive app downloads in New York City and create general awareness around the country.

This was the first venture since Simkhai sold Grindr in 2018, so the stakes were high. We deployed a launch strategy to drive immediate brand awareness and new user acquisition - inclusive of a series of embargoed interviews in major media outlets that went live along with a press release, followed by additional coverage in both mainstream and LGBTQ outlets.


  • 1+ Billion earned media impressions, not including press release distribution and pickup
  • In-depth profiles of Motto and its founders in 50+ unique media outlets
Photos of MOTTO
Photos of Buffalo Maritime Center



  • Website Strategy, Design & Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Collateral Design

The Buffalo Maritime Center is a non-profit cultural institution dedicated to preserving maritime history and craftsmanship.

The organization came to Otto & Friends with the need to simplify and modernize its website and collateral materials, and recalibrate its digital footprint. We worked collaboratively with key staff and Board members to identify goals, objectives, copy, and the overall creative.


  • A website that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and content-rich creating a positive user experience.
  • A backend development upgrade giving BMC staff members the ability to add content as needed
  • A premiere look across marketing collateral, increasing sponsor interest & membership acquisition



  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Design and Management
  • Email Management Strategy
  • 360 Marketing Consultation

The PERT Consortium is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing awareness of treatment options available to patients with pulmonary embolism, to reduce the worldwide incidence of PE, and to further scientific discovery in the realm of PE research.

The Consortium approached Otto & Friends to assist in establishing their organization as the thought leader in PE research by elevating their branding, creating consistency across owned channels, and implementing a new email marketing strategy to retain subscribers and increase open rates.

We worked with the executive team to develop a comprehensive style guide that established the brand identity that all partners would be able to use to ensure that PERT content was consistent across all verticals.

In addition to the style guide, we developed a marketing calendar that touched on everything from in-person conferences to specific social media posts, and a robust email marketing strategy that would increase engagement and decrease unsubscribe rates.


  • 5,000% increase in engagement across owned social channels
  • 61% increase in email open rate, year over year, consistently outperforming the industry average.
  • 26% increase in user engagement and time spent on the website.
Photos of The PERT Consortium
Photos of Marriott International



  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Relations

Since 2014, #LoveTravels has represented Marriott International’s celebration and support of inclusion, equality, human rights, and peace. The program launched with a powerful message of acceptance by telling the stories of diverse travelers and has since ignited a global movement to celebrate diversity, acceptance, and inclusion.

As an extension of #LoveTravels, Marriott launched #LoveTravels: Beyond Barriers, a program to celebrate and support the next generation of leaders who are actively championing unique strategies to promote the brand’s values. “Barrier Breakers” are the doers who have the power to inspire the world, create solutions and drive change within diverse communities. The causes championed by each of them are deeply important to Marriott which is why they have been welcomed into the family. The inaugural class of Beyond Barriers Social Innovators included organizations like ConPRmetidos, PERIOD, VideoOut, and Weird Enough Productions.

Over the course of 12 months, we invited journalists to join us at a series of #LoveTravels: Beyond Barriers summits created to spark conversations with travelers, activists, and advocates in an effort to drive a call to action and discuss how to break through the barriers that divide. From NYC to Atlanta, Los Angeles to Puerto Rico, attendees gained firsthand access to the work and impact of young changemakers actively working to break down barriers in diverse communities.


  • 50+ earned placements
  • 446,302,604 earned media impressions
  • 436,448,607 social media impressions
  • 100% positive sentiment across all campaign coverage
  • Coverage in a variety of media outlets including The Advocate, Conde Nast Traveler, Essence, Forbes, PEOPLE, USA Today, and Variety

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